Management works in the system; leadership works on the system.

-Stephen R. Covey

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accelerated filers
What is your company's plan for achieving Sustainable Compliance?

After three years of hard work, stress and toil, how is your company going to do it better, faster, and more cost effective? SCG can help in all these areas and help you achieve sustainable compliance with various tools and methodologies.

SCG can help in the following areas:

Standardizing process documentation and business processes

Assisting in developing a top down, risk based approach for future compliance efforts

Automating Testing Procedures

Focusing on fraud controls and fraud prevention

Implementing a Continuous Monitoring Program

Assisting in outsourcing activities and related SAS 70s

Developing an integrated real time key control system

Implementing an enterprise Sustainable Compliance system

Implementing an "automated & intelligent" SOX solutions

These are challenges most accelerated filers will be faced and SCG can assist your company to efficiently and effectively achieve a sustainable Sarbanes-Oxley program.

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