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The Non-accelerator's dilemma: Sarbanes-Oxley compliance without the BIG price tag

At SCG, we recognize that small and medium enterprises can be resourced challenged with complying with the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act. Through our SOX experiences, we are adept at finding solutions that satisfy small enterprises' needs while balancing the challenges of quality, cost and effectiveness.

Currently, non-accelerators have been given extra time to deal with some of the challenges SOX presents to smaller enterprises However, smaller enterprises will have to overcome many challenges including: segregation of duties, lack of formal documentation, information technology knowledge and the ever-changing SOX requirements. Overcoming these issues will require not only strong internal controls but also good accounting processes and good business sense.

The SCG difference in SOX compliance for the small company filer

Our approach to SOX is different than most consulting companies because we try to help companies focus on the big picture of solving business problems and improving their financial processes. Moreover, we have tried to simplify SOX by developing a "plug and play" toolset and methodology to help ease the burden of implementation and reduce the costs to your company in a measurable way. The result of our "plug and play" methodology helps non-accelerated filers implement SOX faster and more cost-effectively without the implementation headaches.

The Advantage of working with SCG for SOX
  • "Plug and Play" Toolset & Methodology (including IT General & Application Controls)
  • Experienced Professionals who do it right the first time
  • Understands the COSO Framework for Small Companies
  • Educates your management team and company on SOX (2 day seminar)
  • Delivers exceptional customer experience
  • Worked with the Big Four
  • Worked with the Second Tier (BDO, Grant Thorton, etc.) and Regional CPA Firms
  • Worked with Non-Accelerated Filers
  • Utilized SOX tools for Smaller Filers: Virtual Commitment and Compliance Manager
  • Quick turnaround and availability
Let SCG show you how SOX can enhance the value of your smaller company and ease the burden of implementation and costs.

Click here to download the COSO Framework for the Smaller Company.


Solving the needs of the smaller company...

To make Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 cost effective and efficient, Strategic Compliance Group, Inc. has developed a SOX methodology for the small company.

"SOX-in-a-BOX" is a Microsoft Office based tool set of Word, Power Point, Visio and Excel based templates, tools and policies and procedures to help you perform SOX quickly and cost effectively.

'S404 SOX-in-a-Box Flyer'  

SOX-in-a-Box includes:

The S404 Project Plan for the entire SOX project

"The IT Road Map" for the IT General Controls and Application Controls portion of the project.

Process Narratives for each accounting and IT cycle in Word format.

Process Maps for each accounting cycle in a Visio format.

Risk Control Matrices for each accounting and IT cycle in an Excel format.

Test Plans for each accounting and IT cycle in an Excel format.

SOX database of Risks for each accounting cycle and IT cycle.

SOX database of Controls for each accounting cycle and IT cycle.

Plus more... Training documents, etc.

It is a complete tool set to perform Section 404 in a limited time and budget.

Click here to purchase the "SOX-in-Box".

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