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IT General Controls Review

IT Application Controls Review

IT general controls review

How does IT General Controls and CoBiT impact your world?

As a CEO and CFO, IT Controls usually fall under the domain of IT geeks in your company. These brilliant IT geeks seek to keep the IT function running smoothly. However, the IT functions such IT security, change management and system development life cycle (SDLC) are more tactical activities typically not engaged by C-level function but nonetheless important. However, the IT Strategy must dovetail nicely and consistently with the company’s overall strategic plans. Both the C-level person and the IT geeks need to understand the goals of each other to implement the strategies of the company. This requires education and communication of both parties and how each other’s functions impact the business.

At SCG, we have worked on IT compliance projects using the CoBIT framework to ensure the company can operate smoothly, be cognizant of IT risks and have appropriate IT responses for unanticipated problems which can be used in the formulation, execution and monitoring your organizational performance.

Assessing IT General Controls

Our review of IT controls comprises of reviewing both:

1)  Application Management and 2) Infrastructure Management  

Within both of these areas, we review the control objectives of:

      IT Control Environment

      Program Development

      Program Changes

      Access to Programs & Data

     Computer Operations

Whether your company is performing a Sarbanes-Oxley assessment or just trying to improve its company efficiency, our IT services can help organizations identify the drivers of future performance and successfully implementing strategy.

Purchase IT General ControlsTraining

SCG also offers IT General Controls training which can help empower IT professionals and process owners to gain hands-on learning in this area.

To purchase the training class " An introduction to CoBIT and IT General Controls Review in a SOX Environment" , click here.

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