It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.

-Charles Darwin

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Are you struggling to keeping pace with regulatory change?

Similar to most public companies, you are not alone. The challenges are great with shorter filing times, more regulations and greater disclosure requirements coupled with more work and less personnel can make for long and stressful days.

At SCG, as subject matter experts, our job is to stay on top of the daily changes and to guide you through the maze of brand new SEC rules so your organization can meet the SEC requirements on time.

SCG can assist your SEC compliance efforts with a variety of service including:
  • IPO S1 registration statements
  • Annual and quarterly 10K and 10Q reporting
  • Research on specific high risk areas
  • Overcoming SEC hot spots which may trigger Wells Notices (informal inquiries)
The SCG difference in SEC compliance

Unlike other firms, our goal is not only help you to compile and file timely regulatory reports, but also to ensure you and your executive team are aware and protected against writing commentary in the MD&A section which may cause the triggering of unwanted red flags. We can assist you in mastering the art of writing the MD&A section of any SEC filing and help you learn what the SEC looks for when reviewing your MD&A.

Faced with an informal inquiry? SCG has aligned itself with top SEC attorneys who have multi-year experience formerly with the SEC, who can guide you through a smooth process with working with the SEC and CorpFin to complete your requirements.

More Value for You:

As subject matter experts, you can assist you with helpful information on SEC matters in our newsletters, visiting the SEC Reporting Group website and its meetings and the News and Resources section of this website.

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