Change before you have to.

-Jack Welch

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How to Save Money and Time … Quick!


One of the most overlooked methods to improve your business and save money is improving your business processes. Improving business processes can not only improve internal processes but can have a marked difference in customer satisfaction and loyalty. Companies can improve themselves through the use of technology or re-evaluating manual and time intensive processes. Other alternatives are multi-sourcing and off-shoring.


At SCG, we recognize that organizations are constantly in a state of flux and need options to adjust to their current and future environments. 


We help organizations seize opportunities through technology improvements, off-shoring or reviewing manual processes. We can assist in the following services.


     Business Process Improvements and Advisory Services


     SAS 70 reviews and evaluations


     Outsourcing/Off-shoring solutions


As part of our services, we help organizations identify the drivers of future performance and successfully implementing better solutions in a cost conscious world.

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