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At SCG, we recognize that organizations just don’t need a measurement system but rather a strategic management system. A strategic management system helps you to formulate, execute and monitor your strategy to become a high performance organization.


Strategy Formulation


Many companies anticipate emerging shifts in the environment but stumble when it comes to seizing opportunities or managing threats.


We help organizations seize opportunities by developing strategic plans through analytic tools such as:


     Balanced Scorecard Tools


     Strategy Mapping Tools


     Blue Ocean Strategies


Strategy Execution


In study after study, whether it is from Bain & Company, Forbes or from the Balanced Scorecard people, it is noted that the majority of cases, failed strategies are not the result of bad strategy but rather bad execution.


Why is strategy so difficult for even the best organization to effectively implement?


Research in this area has suggested a number of barriers to strategy execution including:


1)       Vision Barrier: the majority of employees do not understand the organization’s strategy.

2)       People Barrier: incentive compensation is often not linked to strategy and long-term strategic initiatives.

3)       Resources Barrier: organizations do not link budgets to strategy.

4)       Management Barrier: the vast majority of executive teams spend insufficient time discussing strategy and to get a deeper understanding of the underlying value creating or destroying mechanisms in the firm.

5)       Strategies are not often designed with execution built into their strategies.


Source: Balanced Scorecard: Step-By-Step- Paul R. Niven & Blue Ocean Strategy: W. Chan Kim


As part of our services, we help organizations identify the drivers of future performance and successfully implement strategy.


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