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Corporate Governance

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It’s simple… doing things right and doing things fairly.


Corporate Governance


After the implosions of Enron, WorldCom and many other notable corporations, the need for good governance can’t be emphasized enough. As a consequence, the world of governance has been changed forever with the multitude of new regulations from regulators, stock exchanges, accounting bodies.


The BIG question is, how is your company managing to keep up with all the changes now and into the future?


At SCG, we provide a “second set of eyes” to ensure you that corporate governance is proactively managed so you can sleep at night without worry.


As a CEO or senior level executive, poor corporate governance can easily tarnish your good reputation and destroy company shareholder value.


Let us help you evaluate and improve your organizational performance and governance through evaluations of:


     Board of Directors Effectiveness


     Audit Committee Effectiveness


     Shareholder Value Effectiveness


The benefits of good corporate governance can help you improve the bottom line but at a minimum can save you from unnecessary jail time.


IT Governance


Not only is overall corporate governance important, but also the importance of IT governance cannot be overstated. IT governance is not just for geeks, but the entire corporation is dependent on secure infrastructure protecting your corporate know-how and proprietary information, while having the ability to produce complete, accurate and timely financial information for the investing public.


We help organizations improve their IT governance needs to help them comply with compliance and performance issues in order to seize opportunities of the future and help your CIO sleep at night.


Let us help you evaluate and improve your organizational performance and governance through evaluations of:


     Overall IT Governance


     General Controls evaluations and system security


     Effective ERP implementations and evaluations of IT application controls


Click here for a great article on IT corporate governance called: How much IT compliance is enough?


Corporate Responsibility: More than just being a “good corporate citizen”


Some people think corporate responsibility is just following the legal laws of the land. Good corporate ethics and practices can help maintain your brand and your reputation. However, there are times when following lowest cost activities can get your reputation damaged easily as Nike did through the use of sweatshop labor in different parts of the world. The negative impact of Nike’s stock price and its reputation was dramatic even though it did not do anything illegal. Consider how much Nike could have benefited or at least minimized damaging its reputation by acting in a more humane manner and improved the standard of living of these shoe workers? Corporate responsibility is more than just PR or lip-service; it has to have actions backing your verbiage.


Another classic case of corporate irresponsibility is the example of Enron Corp. Not only did Enron cook-the-books but it actions lead the company into bankruptcy and wiped out stock investments, pension funds and 401ks. It also had a dramatic effect of impacting Corporate America by legislation of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Not being a responsible company can dramatically impact your business to the point of bankruptcy like Enron.


Let us help you evaluate and create a corporate responsibility program that positively impacts your customers and your stock price.


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