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-Jay Roy


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Our mission is ambitious: SCG aims to help organizations and professionals reach their potential to compete in a global market place by offering consulting services, awareness and training programs, and technology solutions in order to build and sustain value for their stakeholders.

Our business mantra is simple:

We deliver value first.
We help our clients succeed.
We strive to be the best at what we love to do.
We develop and maintain long-term relationships with our clients.
We give back to our community.

The Strategic Compliance Group, Inc. (SCG) Service Promise:

As part of our mission and focus on client service excellence, we visually demonstrate our excellence in expertise, experience and service through the SCG seal of confidence.

"The SCG Seal of Confidence"

Our customers understand and realize our promise equates to confidence; i.e. confidence of a job well done, confidence in an on-time deliverable, and confidence in a great customer experience.

We define customer confidence through a simple formula:

Customer Confidence= Results + Unmatched Experience + Proven Methodologies +Value


We will help you to achieve results right the first time, avoid pitfalls and delivered on-time.

Unmatched Experience:

Our professionals have unparalleled experience and expertise in the areas of compliance, knowledge management and performance and strategy. We can apply our know-how and best-practices to tailor solutions based on client needs.

Proven Methodologies:

On-time delivery and results come from well-defined methodologies and approaches. SCG brings unmatched solutions, tools, templates and know-how to support a comprehensive implementation. Our proven methodologies and approaches yield substantial long-term value and financial results.


The value SCG delivers to its clients comes from three key value drivers: 1) identifying unrecognized problems and business issues, providing unanticipated solutions to customer problems and being a broker of turnkey solutions and capabilities.

As you explore this site, we hope you get insight into our level of dedication towards helping our clients achieve their very best.

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