The “value-added” for most any company, comes from the Quality of Experience provided.

-Tom Peters


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our impact and value
Why choose SCG?

There are many consultants to choose from in the marketplace to solve your compliance, knowledge management and performance needs, so why choose SCG?

Our Impact: Empowering our clients to be financially savvy and sophisticated for the 21st Century.

First, we see the world from your shoes, the customer. From pre-sales to post sales, we have configured our deliverables to ensure SCG adds value all along the project and meets the needs of our customers at all levels. In other words, SCG builds exceptional customer service into our processes and deliverables, as opposed to being an add-on or afterthought.

Second, we are focused. We do not try to be all things to all customers. We only do three things, compliance, knowledge management and performance and strategy. That’s all. Our focus leads to quicker results.

Finally, we are subject matter experts in our space and we continually gather and develop the best expertise, practices and tools to ensure you can compete in a global market place.

Our Value:

At SCG, we recognize value is determined by the individual needs of each customer, however, we ensure each customer receives the following benefits:
  • providing you results right the first time
  • avoiding pitfalls and challenges
  • delivering on-time results
  • quick turn-around time for engagements
  • practical solutions to strategic and tactical challenges
  • being a cost-effective solution relative to larger consulting firms
Not only do our customers achieve these results, but also SCG provides value by:
  • Identifying unrecognized problems and business issues
  • Providing unanticipated solutions to customer problems
  • Being a broker of turnkey solutions and capabilities
During our engagements, we ensure our clients receive value. In addition, we believe our responsibility is to help you stay abreast of future challenges and not be blindsided by the competition or the environment.

At SCG, the synergy of our Impact + Value = Results

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